How long will my repair take?
The type and amount of repairs your vehicle needs will dictate the length of repair. Other factors that will affect the length of the repair are 2 and 4 wheel alignments, mechanical repairs, specially applied decals and other sublet repairs that are not done in house. A Taber Autobody Paint & Frame representative can give you an estimate on how long repairs will take.

Note: All estimates on length of repair are estimates only. There is always a possibility that repairs will take longer or less time then originally estimated. Some of the reasons are additional damage found after repair work begins, parts delays, parts that break in the final assembly process requiring replacement, and suspension parts replacements. We cannot promise any of our very important customers that a repair will be completed on a specific day or by a specific time; however, we will do our best to accommodate our customer’s needs.
Will I be notified when the repairs to my vehicle have been completed?
Yes, you will! When each repair is complete, our front office staff will call you and let you know that repairs have been completed and make arrangements for pickup with you. If you are unavailable, we will leave a message. We will also contact via an alternate communication method if you have a chosen one.
What types of parts will be used on my car?
There are many different types of parts that may or may not be used on your vehicle. These include:
Aftermarket: Parts that are insurance quality in the same condition or better than your vehicle.
OEM: Parts made for your car by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (dealer).
Who do I speak to regarding concerns that I have about the types of parts used on my car?
You can speak to a Taber Body Paint & Frame estimator to discuss parts usage in your prepared estimate. For insurance repairs, parts that can be used on your vehicle are prescribed in your insurance policy. We are happy to help you understand how and why alternative parts are used. If you are paying for the repairs yourself, we will assist you in finding the most economical and safe repair for your vehicles.
What are my payment options for a customer pay repair?
We can make payment arrangements if that suits your budget best. We take payments before and during the repair, however, the repair order has to be paid in full before we can release your vehicle back to you. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and local personal checks for less than $500.00 with a valid driver’s license.
Will I be notified if there are additional charges to my account?
Possibly. There are times when only small changes are made to the final bill in such ways as parts price increases, or maybe we just had to replace a couple of non reusable clips. In the case, you will not be notified of small changes. Please keep in mind that there is always a possibility that additional damage may be found, and additional charges for your repair may be incurred. If there is a large change in parts usage or additional damage, we try our best to keep you, our valued customer, informed of those changes.
How often will I be contacted during my repair.
You can request to have updates on specific days. Most updates are given as information begins to flow from the workshop back into the office by way of supplement (additional damage) reports. We also track the repair by Expected Date of Completion (EDC) and if delays occur or additional time is needed, we will contact you to let you know. Your are welcome to call anytime and check the progress of your vehicle, or for faster results, you can email mike@taberinc.com and request update information.
Will I be contacted when changes are made?
If changes are made that will affect the length of your repair significant additional damage is found, you will be contacted. If you are paying for the repairs yourself, you will be contacted regarding additional charges as well.
What about rentals?
Due to liability, Taber Autobody Paint & Frame does not offer rental cars or “loaners”. If you require a rental car, most rental companies will give you a discounted rate if you tell them you are a Taber customer. Taber Autobody Paint & Frame understands the harried lives we all lead so we do offer shuttle service at drop off and pickup to help ease the chaos of trying to schedule your own transportation with friends and family.

A quick not about rentals: With most insurance companies, full coverage insurance does not cover a rental car. Be sure to ask your agent if you are indeed fully covered with rental insurance. Cost of rental insurance is a nominal increase to your premium but your peace of mind is invaluable.
Are my repairs still warranted even if insurance isn't paying for it?
Yes. Our standard repair warranty will be enforced on all customer pay repair unless otherwise noted on your repair order. You will receive a copy of this warranty at repair completion.

Should you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ sheet, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.